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Hackathon - CHAOS 2.0

Date: 9-13 October'18

An open online theme based team event that deliberately brought coders and all the Tech enthusiasts together to build software projects.The product development competition engaged participants from all over india to come up with an innovative idea and work tirelessly on it using their set of skills and expertise by collaborating with others. The participants were provided with 4 themes- Kerela Relief, Digital India, Auto-a-Bit, Woman Safety. In a team of 3-5 members, they were free to use their ingenious skills to find an innovative solution related to the theme they chose; It may be a Game, a Full Stack Mobile or Web application or a Software. The winners were finally announced on 23rd October.

Web Designing

Date: 12-Oct-2018

A Website Development Competition intended to test participants’ web development skills under given time constraint. The fast-paced competition challenged participants to create a full stack website conforming to the set of guidelines and content given to them beforehand. There were two main components in website development- Front-End and Back-End, on which the participants were tested. The result was finally announced at 04:20 PM and Judges gave away the certificates and mementos to all the winners. Finally, event was concluded by presenting a token of appreciation to our judge Er. Sudhakar Kumar.

Tech Hunt

Date: 12-Oct-2018

A Programming oriented Technical Treasure Hunt intended to test the technical aptitude of participants. A Technical Treasure Hunt filled with lots of fun in which participants had to solve some technical clues which comprised of C/C++ algorithmic and syntactic codes. And following that trail of clues, they had to finally make their way out to the last clue and finish the hunt. The first team to solve all the clues and make it back in time was declared the winner. In order to get the clue, participants were required to scan the QR code with either a built-in scanner in smartphones or an android scanner app which was shared among all the teams.

Dazzle Coding

Date: 11-Oct-2018

Some Unconventional coding challenges with surprises lurking at every corner to test the students’ programming skills and logics. It was the fast-paced coding competition intended to test the programming skills of the students. Round one comprised of two questions of re-assembling the given code with scrambled statements and compiling it. Round two also included two questions, each member of the team working on either of the two questions and after half the time, the partners were switched up to test some of their parameters like readability of the code, compatibility among each other etc.


Date: 11-Oct-2018

A UI/UX Design competition to let all the budding designers show off their beautiful app layout ideas that pops up and to test the their designing skills. Students had to use their designing skills in Photoshop or Adobe XD to design a layout of an android app. Some content and a certain set of guidelines were provided, which the app had to follow in appearance. The app tested various significant areas of designing such as UI design, choosing colour schemes, interactive behaviour and designing an App icon. Thus, one had to keep in mind every aspect of the application. There were two bonus challenges also.


Date: 14-Sep-2018

A two-hour workshop was conducted to introduce curious minds to the tools and methods of UI/UX Design.The event intended to introduce the students to the perfect solution for all UI/UX design needs- Adobe Photoshop. The event was open for all students from 1st to 3rd year and saw a total of 92 students participating. The event was conducted by Madhurdeep Singh, a 4th year student of the CSE department of our college, with the students being introduced to the concept and need of UI/UX as well as design.


Date: 5-Sep-2018

An introductory CSE-related event to introduce students of all 4 branches- CSE, ECE,MECH and CIVIL to ACM@CCET Student Chapter and how we conduct events.The informative and funevent was meant to test the students’ general awareness about computers and major names in the field.Students were also introduced to ACM Student Chapter and its machinery. Students showed high enthusiasm for the event.

1st: Team Alpha - Rajanshu(CO16343) and Siddharth(CO16354)
2nd: Team AAYNA - Nikhil Gupta(CO16334) and Ayush Saini(CO16308)
3rd: Team Thor - Ashmeet Kaur(LCO17365) and Priyadarshini(LCO17373)

ACM Introductory Event

Date: 17-Aug-2018

An Intro Event was organized for First year Students. They were given introduction for our ACM Student Chapter and it's inner workings. And they were informed about various activities like workshops, events, seminars and competitions. They were told about the ACM membership, it's benefits and the process for applying.

Android “Surprise” Box Challenge

Date: 10-Aug-2018

An web development and designing event, “Andorid SurpriseBox Challenge” was organised by the ACM Student chapter of CCET (Degree Wing), on 10 August, 2018 in CL-7, under the guidance of Faculty Mentor and CSE HOD, Dr. Sunil K. Singh and Faculty Sponsor Mr. Sudhakar Kumar. The event was meant to test the participants’ Android development skills by challenging them to create a To-DO List app for Android.

1st: Gurkanwal Singh(Co17324), Rupam Goyal (Co17351) , Gursimar Singh (Co17325)
2nd: Prateek Sharma (LCo17372), Puru Verma (LCo17374)
3rd: Monarch Hasija (Co17338), Nandini Sidana (Co17339)

Code In The Dark

Date: 27-Jul-2018

A web development and designing event, “Code in the Dark” was organised by the ACM Student chapter of CCET (Degree Wing), on 27th July, 2018 in CL-7, under the guidance of Faculty Mentor and CSE HOD, Dr. Sunil K. Singh and Faculty Sponsor Mr. Sudhakar Kumar. The event focussed on testing the fundamental web development skills of the participants. Participants engaged in a fast paced 45 minute coding session to re-create a sample web-page using only HTML and CSS. The sample web-page, including different components like cards, banner, background, header, footer, navbar and background, tested participants in all aspects of web development.

Hour of Code

Start: 18-Dec-2017

End: 18-Dec-2017

Hour of code was organized by the ACM students chapter on 12/18/17. Students of all streams CSE, ECE, CIVIL, and MECH participated in the event. In addition to them, students from the diploma wing were also present. This year too, Hour of Code involved a number of interactive tutorials in various languages as per the requirement of the student. The first-year students also worked on logical puzzles on Finally, in teams of two, students had to solve certain logical problems online. Certificates of completion were provided to the students. It was a fun-filled day with a lot of interaction between students and teachers. Many new students showed interest in joining the ACM chapter. The presence of 62 students was observed.

Code For Fun

Start: 31-Aug-2017

End: 31-Aug-2017

Abstract: To mark the onset of a new session of ACM Student Chapter of CCET, the first event Code For Fun was organized by members of ACM@CCET on August 31, 2017. Participants were introduced to MIT APP INVENTOR and creation of some basic Android apps was demonstrated. which was followed by a competition to make the most innovative app using MIT APP INVENTOR. Participation of a total of 50 students in teams of 2 made the event a success.

Tech Session: Adobe Photoshop

Start: 10-Aug-2017

End: 10-Aug-2017

Abstract: ACM@CCET organized an interactive tech session on a popular photo editing and manipulation software, Adobe Photoshop, on 10th August 2017. The session was hosted by a 3rd-year computer science student, Madhurdeep Singh, Design Head (ACM Students Chapter). The event witnessed a gathering of 50 participants including students from all the streams. The event broadly focused on the basics of image editing and also provided a hands-on experience to the participants. A total of three mini projects were built which included posters, website and app backgrounds etc. All the questions by the participants were also answered on the go. It was a successful event where many acquired a new skill. This event will also help the participants prepare for the upcoming event: "Blue Print", which is a designing competition.

Seminar on GIT and GITHUB

Start: 03-Aug-2017

End: 03-Aug-2017

Abstract: ACM@CCET student chapter conducted a seminar on Git and Github on August 3, 2017. The aim of the seminar was to tell the audience about the concept of Github, its application. The seminar also included a hands-on session on github where the speakers demonstrated the working of Github. The seminar was hosted by Anubhav Gupta, Rajwinder Singh and Simranpal Kaur. The target audience comprised of 1st , 2nd and 3rd year students.

Build.tomorrow() : A Machine Learning Hackathon

Start: 24-Jul-2017

End: 26-Jul-2017

Abstract: Build.tomorrow() : A Machine Learning Hackathon. buildT is developer's hackathon where top developers will work on implementing the concepts of machine learning in various field affecting our daily lives. All with the aim of building a better future.

BRootForce: A Developer's Hackathon

Start: 01-Apr-2017

End: 02-Apr-2017

Abstract: BRootForce, A Developer's Hackathon ACM@CCET student chapter organised a developer's hackathon, BRootForce , on 1 st April 2017. The event was a battle of the best. The top 10 teams from Codathon 3.0 ( ) were eligible for BRootForce. A total of 20 students from various colleges of tri-city turned up for the event. The event was hosted on the online platform HackerEarth with the link and the students had to develop software on any one of the five given themes. The themes provided were interesting and designed to test the application of the knowledge the students had gained in the classroom. The themes covered various trending topics in Computer Science like Socket Programming , Mobile Application , Digital Image Processing , Artificial Intelligence and Cryptography . The participants were equally excited to take up the challenge. In the end, Dr. Sunil K. Singh , HoD of CSE Department, gave a technical- cum-motivational talk to the students and the students left the college in high spirits; having tested their knowledge for once and then gained some more from the talk.

Codathon 3.0

Start: 23-Mar-2017

End: 25-Mar-2017

Abstract: Codathon 3.0, the 3rd event of the Codathon coding competition series, was organised from 23rd-25th March 2017. It was the biggest ever event held by the ACM Student Chapter of CCET. It was tri-city level event, with participation from students of all reputed colleges of the region. This time Codathon was a preliminary event for BRootForce, a Developer's Hackathon. It was organised on online coding platform HackerEarth on the link . Students of PEC, UIET, Chitkara University and CGC tested all their coding prowess to book a berth in BRootForce. A total of 240 students all over the region, out of which 106 were from CCET, participated in the competition. The tough level of questions ensured that only the best could prevail. So, the team of ACM@CCET is gearing up for a tough competition in BRootForce this weekend. Top 10 teams from Codathon would be selected for BRootForce. The final results for Codathon would be out on 26th March 2017.

WEBWINKS: Wizards of Web

Start: 23-Feb-2017

End: 23-Feb-2017

Abstract: ACM @CCET student chapter has conducted a quiz and codingweb development competition "WEBWINKS" on html and web designing for 1/2/3 CSE 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. This has been conducted with an intention to judge and enhance the understanding level of Web designing concepts. A total of 35 teams participated (each consisting of 2 members) in the competition. Two different rounds were conducted .: Round 1 consisted of 20 questions on HTML inon the basis of which 14 teams were selected to compete against each other in next round . In round 2, participants had to create a website using either HTML , Java script, JavaScript or WordPress.

Codathon 2.0

Start: 20-Jan-2017

End: 20-Jan-2017

Abstract: Codathon 2.0, , second event of the Codathon series, was organised on 20 January 2017 in the college premises by the CCET ACM Student Chapter in collaboration with HackerEarth from 2pm-5pm. . Codathon 2.0 was hosted online on the URL . It witnessed the largest turnout ever for a college level event. A total 80 students of 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd year turned up for the event. event The main aim of the Codathon serie series is to test as well as enhance coding prowess of the students. This event has been successful because of the constant support of the faculty, hard work of the student officers and the large number of people who came to attempt this test. The winners of the event are as follows: Paras Chadha (CO14340, 3 rd year) and Upinder Singh (CO14360, 3 rd year) got the first position, Nayan Gupta (CO14339, 3 rd year) and Hitesh Kaushik (CO14326, 3 rd year) got the second position and Aditya Bansal (CO14306, 3 rd year) got t the third position. Dr. Sunil K. Singh, Head of Department CSE, distributed certificates to the winners.

Hour of CODE

Start: 09-Dec-2016

End: 09-Dec-2016

Abstract: Hour of code was organized by the ACM students chapter on 9/12/2016. Students of all streams CSE, ECE, CIVIL and MECH participated in the event. This year Hour of Code involved a number of interactive tutorials in various languages as per the requirement of the student. The first-year students also worked on logical puzzles on Finally, in teams of two, students had to solve certain logical problems online. Certificates of completion were provided to the students. The presence of 42 students was observed.

Codathon 1.0 - An Introductory Coding Marathon

Start: 30-Sep-2016

End: 30-Sep-2016

Abstract: In this event, a total of 42 CSE students participated in a team of 3. The Codathon 1.0 is a coding competition where a set of 3 questions were given to all the teams that were to be solved and coded using a programming language of their choice for duration of one and half hour. Some aptitude based questions were also asked in between as an extra challenge for the participants for whom extra points were awarded.

Come For Code-An Introductory Programming Event

Start: 02-Sep-2016

End: 02-Sep-2016

Abstract: In this event, a total of 63 CSE first year students participated. The Come for Code event contained an interactive tutorial for the development of Android Apps in a Google Chrome extension called MIT App Inventor. This extension is an interactive Drag & Drop application to make apps which can be used to make simple android apps and show the different programming paradigms to the fresh minds of students. Students were also introduced to ACM Student Chapter and its machinery. Students showed high enthusiasm for the event.