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Deep Learning from Scratch

Deep Learning from scratch in Python

Building Your First Skill With Amazon Alexa

Build Your First Skill With Amazon Alexa

Web Application Attacks

Understanding of the top web applications attacks

Building Portfolios for Getting Hired

Get Hired!

Google Summer of Code

An introductory session on Google Summer of Code.

Web Crawler

An introduction to the topic of web crawling

KBC Quiz

General Quiz related to Computer Science

Code In The Dark

Designing a webpage without preview

Tech Hunt

Treasure hunt on the pc

UI Design

UI designing competition

Coding Relay

Coding Relay competition

Hacktober Fest

An introduction to the Hacktoberfest


An introduction to the tools and methods of UI/UX


Recruting Young Minds

Game Development 2.0

Workshop on game development

CSE Tech Quiz

A technical quiz on latest technology.